Hi, I'm Krzysztof

I'm a Experience Designer passionate about Visual Storytelling, mostly known for translating the needs of the business into digital solutions.

Portrait of Krzysztof


Currently I work at elastic.co as a Rich Media Developer on the Sales Enablement Team. Elastic is a search company with a unique set of visualization capabilities that help people explore and analyze their data differently using the power of search. To experience the story of search go here.

Additional areas of expertise
  • Advertising Solutions that grow your audience.
  • Programming custom user experiences.
  • Website Development to promote your brand.
  • eCommerce to keep your business growing.
  • eLearning to educate your customers.
  • Photography Production to represent you and your brand.
  • Headshots Photography to promote your personal brand.
  • Personal branding portraits that communicate your identity.
  • Photo and Video assistant with his own equipment.
  • Motion Graphics to keep your audience engaged.
  • Search Engine Optimization so that customers can find you.
  • Social Media Campaigns to engage your audience.
  • Video & Sound Production to bring authenticity to your brand.

Better Experience, Better Business, Better Leaders.

Reclaimed wood desktop